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Corporate Responsibility

At Next, corporate responsibility means addressing a wide range of key social, safety, service and environmental issues to ensure we continue to run our business in an ethical way. This sees us develop positive relationships with our suppliers, look after our employees, take responsibility for our impact on the environment and develop healthy links with the communities in which we operate.

Our suppliers

Through our ethical trading programme we continue to make certain our products are made in a clean and safe environment, in accordance with all relevant legislation and by workers who are treated with respect and paid fairly.

As part of our commitment to raising working standards, we remain an active board member of the Ethical Trading Initiative - an alliance of companies, NGOs and trade unions working together to promote the implementation of corporate codes of practice which cover supply chain conditions.

Our people

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment in which our employees can achieve their full potential and have opportunities for both professional and personal development. An environment in which they are supported and respected, treated fairly, listened to and involved.

We have developed many innovative policies for the recruitment, training and development of our people, and remain committed to investing time and resources to support, engage and motivate them to feel valued, be able to develop rewarding careers and want to stay with us.


We recognise we have a responsibility to work towards minimising the direct impact our business has on the environment, and we have a significant role to play in tackling climate change. Throughout the business we are working to reduce our environmental impact, the waste we produce, the energy we consume, the carbon intensity of our activities and the natural resources we use.


We aim to make a positive impact on our local communities by contributing to their wellbeing through a programme of support achieved by offering funding, products or the time and expertise of our employees. We have also started working with overseas organisations to support local communities in the 48 countries in which our products are produced.

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