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Subscribe for new vacancies

We'll let you know as soon as we post new vacancies on our website. Whether there is a new store opening in your local area or a new position arising within one of our departments at Head Office, we'll let you know the next day.


How can I receive the subscription?

If you already have a feed-reader (like Reeder, Feedly, Netvibes, FeedDemon, or one of hundreds of others) then you can subscribe directly to our feed using the RSS/Atom links below. Some browsers also support feed subscriptions, though in different ways. IE7 and IE8 allow you to bookmark the feed and will highlight new items when you click on it. Firefox allows you to keep the latest list of items from the feed in a bookmark folder.

By Email!
To receive the latest vacancies by email use the links below. After that we will send you a list of all new vacancies relevant to you each morning. No new vacancies, no email. Each subscription is activated / un-subscribed separately. If at any point you wish to stop receiving your subscription there is an "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of EVERY automated email.


What subscriptions are available?

Retail Stores

Head Office and Other Areas


What is "Feedburner"? Feedburner is a service that makes it possible for us to offer you the maximum number of ways to subscribe to be notified of new vacancies posted on our website. Mostly you will be pleased to hear that they can send you the latest information as an automatic email each day when we post new items on our site!