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Application Process

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To join Team Next, you’ll need a degree level qualification (or equivalent) or relevant industry experience. If you are degree qualified, your passion and commitment for fashion are far more important to us than the subject you studied.

Application Timescales: Once you make it through the online application, there are four more stages to complete. The whole process typically takes between 3-4 months. However, due to their popularity, the Trainee Buyer schemes may take considerably longer.

The 4 Stages

Online Ability Testing

You’ll be sent an email invitation to complete the tests within 3 weeks of making your application. If you’re applying for Merchandising, you’ll complete numerical and verbal tests. For buying it’s just verbal.

Video Interview

We’ll let you know if you passed the online test via email. If you do, you’ll be invited to participate in a video interview. Here, you’ll be given five days to upload a video answering the questions that we set. We review these videos approximately every 4-8 weeks and you will be contacted accordingly.

Telephone Interview

Pass the video interview and we’ll contact you to arrange your telephone interview. Held every eight weeks or so, they last approximately 30 minutes and will always be conducted by a member of the Buying or Merchandising team.

Assessment Centre

If you’ve made it this far, you’re now just one step away from joining us. Our assessment centres last for half a day and are held frequently throughout the year at our Head Office in Leicestershire.

Start your journey... Apply Now