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Welcome to Next Sourcing Overseas

Based in some of the world’s most iconic cities, our global Next Sourcing offices are at the heart of discovering, developing and delivering products our customers love.

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Working for Next Sourcing Overseas

When we ask our teams what attracted them to working overseas with Next Sourcing, everyone has a different answer. For some, it’s the opportunity to live and work in a new country – the adventure of setting off on an incredible new chapter in their lives.


Others feel that the experience will be invaluable to their career - providing them with a unique perspective on the product development life cycle, and a more global approach to how they think and work.


And there are plenty more reasons too, from the iconic cities where our offices are based, to the generous relocation support and rewards, to the fact that Next Sourcing is well known for how friendly, understanding and welcoming our local teams are to all our new starters.


Working at Next Sourcing Overseas

Our People


Design and Product Manager

Jo worked for Next Sourcing as a designer in our Leicester Head Office. She was ready for the next step in her career and the chance to move to Sri Lanka was just what she was looking for. Now, as well as designing, she spends her time out there searching for new print ideas and techniques and getting to know the best local suppliers.


Product Manager

Karen was a buyer in Germany before she joined Next Sourcing Overseas, looking to experience more of the sourcing and production side of the industry. Based in Bangladesh, she loves the variety and diversity of her role, especially the visits to the local factories and mills. Her team have helped her settle in and she’s also made lots of new friends.


Director, Turkey

Ros is a truly globe-trotting member of the Next Sourcing team and worked in China and Hong Kong before moving to her current role in Turkey. She feels that gaining on-the-ground experience of the product life cycle in such very different locations has helped her gain a much deeper understanding of retail and manufacturing.


Product Manager

Lucy worked for Next Sourcing as a Senior Designer in our London office. She was ready for an exciting new challenge, both professionally and personally, and this ambition brought her to our Hong Kong office as a Product Manager. She finds the local teams she works with caring, supportive and hardworking, and has become an avid explorer of Hong Kong’s beautiful beaches and hiking trails. 

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