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Designers are you ready?

Use your creativity to help to produce product to form the next big trend. Have your say, make your mark and be part of the Design team that can shape the future.

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a designer painting a floral pattern.

What’s Design at Next?

It’s all comes down to three words, better by design. Our Designers constantly challenge themselves to push their creativity to produce product from the next big trend. Our ranges are built on their ability to imagine and create designs that can be enjoyed by millions.


Being a Graduate Designer a Next means you’ll not only receive the support and training from your team but have the opportunity to present your ideas and have your voice heard. You’ll travel to seek inspiration from places all over the world.


We’ll make sure you have support not only from the business but your teams too. You’ll have a personal training development programme that will help your grow and progress through our Graduate scheme.


We get the importance off working in loving where you work! That’s why our Design spaces are some of the best spots on the Head Office campus. They ooze freedom and creativity which allow you to produce your best possible work in an enjoyable environment. We’re constantly investing in our surroundings to better the experience for you and all our teams.

How the application works

We like to make the application process as straight forward as possible. That’s why we have these 4 simple steps that will hopefully get you from applying online to your first day of induction with the rest of the Graduates!


Apply Online


Make it to the Shortlist


Assessment Centre


Job offer on its way!

Get ready to travel!

Who doesn’t love to travel! Being involved in our Design and product teams will lead to some very fun opportunities, like exploring the globe for work. We get that you need to take inspiration from all different cultures and the trips help you to spot the next big trend or come up with a new print that might be worn by millions.


Our Graduate Designers will mainly get to travel to places in Europe like Copenhagen or Italy, to visit trade shows or explore what’s on their high street. It’s not all work, you’ll have the chance to develop yourself, taste new foods and meet new people. You’ll not only learn about trends but about the cultures that come with it.

Your Leicester

Located in Leicester, the Head Office campus is in the heart of the UK. The city has so much to offer; great sport, rich history, incredible shopping and plenty of bars and restaurant. Being bang smack in the middle of the country means travelling to and from the area is easy, whether it be by car, train or even a plane.


Leicestershire has grown a lot over the past years. It’s got it all; a vibrant city that is surround by vast and rich countryside, so you get the best of both worlds. In the city there’s always something to do, cinema, state of the art shopping centre, the famous curve theatre, the historical Richard III site and two top sporting teams who have international recognition. Add to it a constant stream of events, festivals and fun in and around the city you can’t go wrong.


If that wasn’t enough, the house and rental prices are well below the UK average too! So you’ll be able to live and enjoy everything Leicester has to offer.

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