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It’s the People Behind the Parcel that make it happen.

To home or to store, near or far it’s our people that make the difference. Picker, packer, engineer, coach, manager or driver from all different cultures and backgrounds; they are the people behind the parcel. Together we are successful because we’re always thinking... What's Next?


In a fast paced and exciting environment that’s constantly evolving we innovate, challenge and never stand still. We are proud of our heritage, live by our values and are excited about the future, our future. By working together we make the Next brand.


We’re one of Britain’s best known and established high-street and online retailers. Behind the scenes we’re at the cutting edge of warehousing and distribution, leading the way with some of the most advanced technologies within the industry. Find out what it’s really like to work with us and what it’s like to be the people behind the parcel.

What's Next?


Team Manager


Adam has been with Next for over 10 years. He loves that Next rush! He leads a large team in one or our biggest warehouses. For Adam, Next is all about the people and inspiring them to be the best they can be.


He believes that by supporting his team and working together they can achieve awesome results.


Warehouse Operative


Isatou recently started with Next as a packer in our warehouse in Pontefract.  She’s part of a team that makes sure the customer gets a perfect parcel every time. For her, Next is a good company to work for.


Our bonus scheme motivates Isatou to reach her performance goals and keeps her focussed to earn extra money each month.


It’s a big place to work but there’s so many friendly people it’s easy to make friends and you will always have the support of your managers.


Warehouse Operative


Rachel has been with Next for over a year and recently got promoted. She’s a single mum with two children, so the part time shifts that Next offers enable her to have a rewarding job, which suit her life style, whilst giving her quality time to spend with her kids.


Rachel loves coming to work and enjoys the atmosphere and the environment that the warehouse and distribution teams provide. For her if you work hard it will always pay off.

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