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Technology Manager

Julie and her team are all committed to maintaining the brand’s reputation for quality. They strive to make Childrenswear the best on the market so that our customers are happy and come back for more. Julie is very proud to work for Next Childrenswear. She loves the product, the variety and the day to day challenges that the role provides. It’s that passion that has made Julie successful.


Assistant Merchandiser

With a degree in Law and Criminology, James quickly realised that he wanted to apply the analytical skills to fashion rather than law. Starting as a Trainee Merchandiser he has progressed to Assistant Merchandiser, working across a variety of Menswear teams. For James a career is important but so too is friendship. He met a lot of friends here on his first day and those friends have become friends for life.


Campaign Analyst

Having recently joined the business Jean is enjoying being able to get involved with high level projects from day one! He’s been involved in speaking to senior stakeholders and being able to make a real difference to our online operation immediately. For him it's all about the online customer, analysing the data to ensure that they see what they want, when they want it! Jean is originally from Paris and made the move over to the UK for his career. To him Next is an important brand in the UK and something that everyone can relate to.


UI Designer

Sonal has grown up with the business, starting here in 2005 she has worked her way up into the UX Department via our IT and Directory departments.  The best facility for Sonal is definitely our on-site Nursery, which she says allows her to have a successful career and be a mum without sacrificing either job role!



Matt started in our stores back in 2010 while at university. For him Next means quality, no only in what he has a photographer produces but in every area of the company, everyone is doing there bit to produce the very best.

For millions of Next customers the online images are the first and only impression they get of the product before it’s delivered to them. The imagery helps sell the product. Its our role in the photo studio to provide quality images to show to the best degree the effort all the other teams have to produce a truly great product.

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There’s a certain kind of person that thrives at Next.

The ones who are excited about what they can do with their creativity. What they can do with their work. What they can do in a workplace that makes an impact by always asking the question... What's Next?


Defy the convention and challenge what you know. Bring your ideas, have your say and make your mark. We don’t just want people to be in a role but to own it and show us what you can make of it. 


We want you to see what it’s really like to work at one of Britain’s biggest retailers. We’re a prestigious brand and the scale of the opportunity is massive. And our people are not only a part of it, they are it!

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