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Training & Development

Starting a new job is an exciting time – but it can also be a bit daunting. That’s why when you join Next you’ll receive a full induction to help you feel right at home.

Once you join, things will move pretty fast. You’ll receive on-the-job training to help get you up to speed as quickly as possible, as well as having regular catch-ups with your manager to answer any questions you might have.


It doesn’t stop there - if you enjoy what you’re doing and want to move on within Next, there are all kinds of fantastic opportunities for you.

Management Careers

Being a Manager at Next is a lot like running your own business. It’s fast-paced, diverse and very exciting. And, best of all, we’ll provide you with support and the necessary resources to succeed.

That support begins with a structured in-store training programme, equipping you with everything you need.

Our People


Sales Coordinator

Karan started his career at Next as an Apprentice – 3 years on and he’s part of the management team. Karan describes his typical day as ‘busy!’ and he loves it that way. He takes great pride in developing his team and working alongside them to achieve all KPIs. Currently working towards becoming a Sales Manager, Karan believes that the right training and supportive management provided at Next will help him get there.


Stock Coordinator

After finishing University, Becky saw her part time Sales Consultant role at Next as a short term job, however after seeing how quickly you can progress she decided to turn it into a career. In less than 1 year Becky’s been promoted to Stock Coordinator in a nearby store. Becky feels the management team have been fantastic in helping to stretch her potential.

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