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Training & Development

75% of our current Buyers and Merchandisers started out as Trainees. And they’re still here for one very good reason – the simple fact that we give our most talented and hardworking people all the opportunities they need to build a successful career with us.

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We have a well-deserved reputation for creating fashion retail superstars through our Training Schemes. In fact, 70% of our current Buying and Merchandising Managers joined us as Trainees.

And it all begins with a useful induction to the different parts of our business before we focus in on the specific objectives and requirements for your new role.

We’ll also give you a personal Trainee Development Guide that outlines your unique development path and helps to track all the new skills you’re learning (and all the great progress you make!).

And we continue to see great results from this approach, not least because we consistently see the vast majority of our Trainees earn their first promotion well within 18 months.


A Great Place To Work

We know how important it is for the amazing people who work in our Head Office to feel happy, valued and like their hard work is being rewarded.

That’s why we invest so much time, money and resources in helping all our Head Office Teams and Trainees to come to work every day full of energy, motivation and a clear sense that their career is going places.

The Next Careers Path

Everyone performs better when they enjoy coming to work. So we invest loads of time and resources into making sure our people feel valued, motivated and happy that their career is progressing in a clear, upward direction.


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