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Our IT Trainees

Working as a Trainee

Right now we have more than 600 skilled professionals working in our IT teams. But, to make sure we’re always adding exciting new IT talent to those teams, we offer great opportunities for students and graduates to join us as trainees.

The first way you can become an IT Trainee at Next is through a 12 month placement during your studies. Then, if you’ve really impressed us during those 12 months, you could even be returning to university with a conditional job offer.

The other option is to join our Graduate Trainee Scheme, which lasts between 18 and 24 months. And, as you learn and grow through all the internal and external training and experiences we provide, your salary will increase every 6 months too.

So, whether its working with our eCommerce, Retail Stock & Logistics or Directory systems teams, to name just a few, there could be a big opportunity to start an exciting IT career here with us.

What You Can Expect

We do all we can to make sure we only choose the very best individuals for our IT Trainee roles. So, if you’re offered a place it means you’ve really earned it!

Ideally, the people we look for will have (or be working towards) an impressive degree in an IT subject. But, more importantly, they’ll demonstrate genuine drive, curiosity and a passion for what we do.

And, if we invite you to join our team, you’ll be involved in some pretty exciting projects right from day one. We’ll also do all we can to help you feel settled and motivated, and ensure you’re getting all the training and support you need

IT Trainee Roles

Prove to us that you’ve got the knowledge, passion and drive to add something special to our IT teams and we’ll help you find the perfect place for you to thrive.

Our People


Placement Student Trainee Developer

“The thing I love most about my job is the sense of fulfilment I get when I can directly see the positive impact the projects I’ve been involved in has on the business”


Placement Student Developer – eCommerce

“Before Danielle started on the placement scheme she thought she’d be doing the jobs that no one else wanted to do. But, when she got here she realised this wasn’t the case and she was working as an equal amongst the current developers, gaining the sort of experience you just can’t gain at University”


Graduate Trainee Developer – eCommerce

“Ben loves to code! He chose Next because he felt the trainee scheme provided all the experience he would need to succeed in his career as a Developer”

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