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A designers desk at next head office.

Training & Development

We believe that the first step to giving all our trainees an amazing chance to grow, learn and succeed is by providing the best possible introduction to what life at Next is all about.

This begins by helping you understand each and every part of our business, before we then start to focus on the particular areas you’ll be specialising in.

We’ll even take you into our stores and automated warehouses, so you can experience first hand all that has to happen to make sure our customers receive the products they need in a fast and efficient way.

You’ll also get to visit our contact centre (where you can listen in to customer calls) as well as having a tour of our vast data centres.

Then, once you’ve seen all the key components of Next, we’ll create your own unique Trainee Development Guide, which provides your personal pathway to tracking and celebrating all the amazing new things you’re learning.

A Great Place To Work

We know how important it is for the amazing people who work in our Head Office to feel happy, valued and like their hard work is being rewarded.

That’s why we invest so much time, money and resources in helping all our Head Office Teams and Trainees to come to work every day full of energy, motivation and a clear sense that their career is going places.

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